Strawberry & Lime.

Strawberry & Lime

The rugged landscape of Central Otago makes it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of wild fruit. Unfortunately it’s also a breeding ground for wild rabbits, and if there’s one thing that breeds like rabbits, it’s rabbits. Famous for terrorising motorists and annoying farmers, they’re also keen strawberry pickers. We are too, so we put them in our cider, strawberry that is.

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Feijoa & Passionfruit.

Feijoa & Passionfruit

The temperate climate of subtropical Northland provides great conditions for growing tropical fruit, such as feijoas and passionfruit. It’s also the stomping ground of the “Captain Cooker” wild pig, a sausage shaped whirlwind that demolishes everything in its path. Some say it’s the fiercest beast you’ll encounter in the New Zealand bush. We say it goes great with cider.

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Wild Berries.


With its wild country and even wilder berries , Central Otago is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek. Just ask Shrek, who hid there for 6 years. Upon his discovery, he became an instant celebrity, resulting in a clothing based deal and a major motion picture based very loosely on his exploits. Shrek had to wear a 27kg wool coat to experience Otago. We recommend you just open this bottle and pretend.

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Apple & Pomegranate.

Apple & Pomegranate

Hawkes' Bay is a blessed land of plenty, especially if your definition of plenty includes sun-kissed vineyards and abundant apples. It’s also home to the wild red and sika deer, majestic creatures that you have probably only met before if you’ve been near the wall of an old-fashioned gentleman’s club. Due to the decline of gentlemanly dens and clubs, wild deer numbers continue to increase. Fortunately, the same can be said about cider.

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Blackberry & Plum.

Blackberry & Plum

In an attempt to add some flavour to the unfortunately named Canterbury Plains, early settlers introduced blackberries and plums to the fields. They also introduced farm dogs, exercise-crazed fitness fanatics that were always ready to chase tail. It’s hard work just watching them, so we created this refreshing cider.

Gluten Free Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

Vegan Friendly